“The man with insight enough to know his limitations
 comes nearest to perfection“
Lifelong jobs hardly exist anymore. According to our stage of life our expectations of a perfect job are changing. Working conditions and required skills change rapidly even in the same job profile. To bring forward one’s career efficiently requires a thorough impartial analysis of your own individual strengths and weaknesses. Career coaching supports these thinking processes by opening up new perspectives and identifying pitfalls as well as career slowdowns. In the end new career opportunities show up or even new visions of life/ career have been detected.

SinghCoaching offers:
Career Coaching - taping your full potential


Phase 1: Analysis of career steps, personal skills and cognitive abilities

  • Biographic interview
    • Identifying and challenging your goals and wishes
    • Documenting your personal profile showing your cognitive and emotional strengths
    • Discovering your unknown skills
    • Developing your „career chart“
  • Diagnostic psychically-based testing (on client demand)


Phase 2: Developing alternative career steps
  • Identifying realistic career alternatives
  • „Updating“ your footpath to reach your goals, looking at your goals from different (unusual) perspectives
  • Gathering of possible alternatives – fitting your personal skills and abilities
  • Developing a detailed action plan
  • Tips and tricks  

The better you know your skills, abilities and preferences the better you can focus on your real needs and objectives. That results in an effective career planning.


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