„Discontent is the first step to success“
Oscar Wilde

Each day we have to make our own decisions whether they are of private or professional nature. Consequences of these decisions can imply large-scale changes and quite frequently they are irreversible.

Typical decisions to take:
  • Should I accept the offer to work abroad?
  • Should I quit my job and start my own business?
  • Should I approve the project?
  • Should I take or prolong parental leave?
  • Should I promote either Mr.Smith or Mrs. Miller and therewith grant him/ her more responsibility?

No matter how rational we think or pretend our decisions to be, gut feeling is always involved. The question is when does it lead to a “good” decision and when is it misleading our judgements?

Some pitfalls during decision making are for example: subconscious emotional markers and “wrong” analogies that emerged during previous decision processes. This is one reason why excellent managers fail and seemingly well prepared decisions turn out to be wrong, sometimes even causing vast costs and damages.

Coaching helps to find new unconsidered perspectives and to identify hidden emotional markers as well as wrong analogies. The patterns of one’s own decision making processes will become more transparent and training even enhances your ability to judge by time.

SinghCoaching offers:

1.     „Speed Coaching“ finding new alternatives (1 session)

2.      Coaching Decision Process


1. „Speed Coaching“ finding new alternatives

  • Various techniques of generating new ideas are applied to your specific case and situation. According to your special challenge we will perform an unconventional session to find "quick wins".
  • Due to the characteristic of the session emotional markers and wrong analogies are identified in order to avoid them during your decision making processes. 
  • Then it’s up to you  

2. Coaching Decision Process  

  • Reflecting your specific situation considering rational aspects and gut feelings
  • Testing your conscious and subconscious motivators
  • Analysing your individual decision making process – emotional markers and wrong analogies
  • Deriving an action plan to improve your decision making process – finding indicators for misleading factors


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