„The way to gain a good reputation is
to endeavor to be what you desire to appear“

Trail to success

Coaching empowers the clients to help themselves reach their own goals efficiently. A coach leads the clients to new perspectives, activates their (hidden) resources and makes them capable of mastering their personal challenges.

Coaching enables people not only to benefit from the continuous presence of an observing coach over an extended period of time, but also develops their own role as self-observer for the long term.

We are convinced that everyone can change. We have the choice to shape our lives. Someone who has a trained ability of introspection, even can self-monitor subconscious behaviors, is aware of his public perception and can alter his life and reach or even outreach his goals.  


SinghCoaching supports managers und employees efficiently. As professional partners we give you further input and refine existing paradigm to reach the best possible solution. Exemplarily we:

  • Pass on to you observations which nobody noticed or nobody dares to tell you (anymore)
  • Jointly discover solutions and capabilities you are not aware of (anymore)
  • Prepare for specific situations (job/ private)
  • Help to accomplish critical or difficult situations (job/ private)
  • Assist in cross-cultural situations (job/ private)


SinghCoaching follows the principles of the German Coaching Federation - Deutscher Coaching Verband (DBVC)


How to contract a Coach
During the first meeting, “session zero”, client and coach get to know each other. They define the general conditions of working together (duration, location, costs and course of action) and take a first look at the client’s request. “Session zero” is free of charge.
After this first meeting the client and SinghCoaching decide on or against working together. Coaching is strictly confidential. Arrangement of confidentiality will be signed by SinghCoaching.

Singh Coaching offers:






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