„Stumbling blocks thrown into your paths
...beautiful things you can build with“

Our working environment gets continuously more difficult and more complex. Requirements regarding flexibility are growing. The degree of ability to work under pressure rises rapidly. Values and conventions taken for granted seem to be null and void.

In crisis we often do not to see the wood for the trees. An impartial coach can guide you out of the crisis, like a mountain guide takes his clients out of a dangerous situation. The coach discern what wasn't said, pick up what wasn't evident and become a catalyst so SinghCoaching clients could discover what it was they weren't aware of. SinghCoaching helps you to drag yourself out of the mud.

Typical facts about crisis and major changes in one`s life

  • In crisis you are (feel) alone, irrespective if it is triggered by business or private circumstances
  • Crisis often causes a socalled tunnel vision which limits your capability of getting out of the crisis by yourself
  • Probability of “lonely” and suboptimal decision making rises exponentially
  • Counter measures already existing or deployed do not work
  • Need for help will be blocked out or even ignored leading to further and deeper personal crisis.


SinghCoaching offer:

Support to overcome personal crisis

  • Reactivation of creativity
  • Breaking open, often subconsciously, tunnel visions
  • Avoiding burn out
  • Stabilizing emotions 
  • Reorientation of actions and thought patterns
  • Deriving an individual action plan
  • Assistance while client conducts action plan

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