„Where ignorance is our master,
there is no possibility of real peace“
Dalai Lama

Especially when you are very successful and have a high grade of commitment it is hard to admit that you are suffering from burnout symptoms. Somebody who is threatened by burnout is often preoccupied with work and does not notice the danger of exhaustion. Burnout including physical and mental exhaustion can last weeks, months or even years. To find out your personal threat of burnout perform a first self-test with the Burnout-Threat-Test.

Sometimes only a few coaching sessions are needed to identify the specific threat and to get rid of an emerging burnout. Using professional methods “energy guzzlers” will be discovered and a way out of the threat of burnout will be developed.

SinghCoaching offers:
Averting threats of burnout:

  • First talks, anamnesis and analysis of the situation
  • Identifying individual aspects of personality and specific work and family situation
  • Regarding social aspects and relations
  • Drawing an individual “energy balance” and identifying energy guzzlers
  • Enhancing the ability to control and govern your life
    • Learning and using relaxation exercises
    • Increasing ability of self-monitoring and self-regulation
    • Disrupting destructive processes, feelings, attitudes and conditions
  • Escorting the process of continuously reducing energy guzzlers
  • Reactivating positive values and joyful activities  
  • Recommendations of further treatments and specialists


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