Why a potential-check-up is crucial for sustaining personal development

  •   You want to discover your hidden potentials
  •   You want to be more successful in your private live and job wise
  •   You want to perform even in stressful situations
  •   You want to live your life in a „work/life-balance“
  •   You want to develop the potentials of your employees effectively and efficiently
  •   You want to prepare your management and project managers for challenging situations
  •   You want to conduct (international) assessments efficiently

A targeted and efficient advancement training program is difficult to implement and has to provide an optimum cost-benefit ratio. Expensive, widely spread unspecific trainings are neither efficient nor effective. Our Potential-Check-Up makes the crucial difference.

Our potential-check-up provides an objective evaluation of your personality and your current self-management-competences. Therefore individual coaching can be tailored to your goals and your potential profile. The potential-check-up is available online and can be done round the globe efficiently.

Based on the scientifically personality assessments test of Prof. Dr. Kuhl, Germany, University of Osnabrück, the potential-check-up is continuously adapted to the newest psychological researches. The test have been conducted successfully for years in management coaching, coaching high performance athletes and in therapy.

A study states that most of the people do not reach their potentials.

You can alter that now!

SinghCoaching offers:

Potential-Check-Up and personality diagnostics according to Prof. Dr. Kuhl ,
certified performed by SinghCoaching.

- Potential-Check-Up-Fleyer ( pdf.) !Private individuals please check for special rates!
- White Paper (Summary) TOP Tests of Prof. Dr. Kuhl (pdf.)

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