„No culture can live,
if it attempts to be exclusive“
Mahatma Gandhi

Cross-cultural competence is one of the critical performance indicators to succeed in a global economy. That applies to expatriates as well as to international teams. Cross-cultural competence and training are essential for sustaining success.

  • More than 25% of expatriates quit their job during their deployment abroad.
    Result: Damaged reputation of the foreign branch, company loses skills and experience of the employee
  • Aspects of culture and intercultural communication skills are often neglected during acquisitions and mergers
    Result: More than 60% of mergers fail after the acquisition
  • More than 50% of expatriates feel that they are not well enough prepared
    Result: Increased training periods abroad, declining, poor motivation
  • Successful international teams benefit from the different cultural approaches
    Result: Highly efficient international teams


Intercultural coaching subjects are hierarchy, delegation, teambuilding, conflict management. Managing all these aspects in an intercultural work environment turns out to be a key factor for individual success as well as for the success of entire companies.

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