Cross Culture Test (Beginner Level)



true false
Number 4 is considered lucky in Japan
Eating with left hand is taboo in India
Germans expect gifts to be opened in front of the giver
Germans like deadlines
In India holy men usually wear black
To indicate someone is miserly, the Dutch would glide the forefinger down the nose
When an Arab brings the tips of all fingers and thumb together and bobs the hand up and down, this means I am hungry
In India tough, non-compromising negotiators are the most respected
While delegating tasks to an Indian colleague your questions are all responded to with a 'yes'. This means he/she will fulfill the job on time
Germans expect humour in a business context
Indians expects gifts ot be opened in front of the giver
When meeting with the French in a business environment you should avoid personal questions
"In Hong Kong, you and your counterpart share a cup of tea.
During the negotiations he keeps moving his cup either closer to you or further away to represent if you are close/far away from an agreement"
In India you should wrap a gift in green
It is common to offer ones food from one plate to a colleague in germany
If invited in germany you should bring a german white wine as a gift
The social status in india is presented by personal contacts, number of cars and size of house
Motivation of indian staff can be done most effecitvly in the same way as it is done with germans and vica versa
"Irrespectively of cultural background, managing is a global Esperanto skill, so cultural awareness does not helps me to be a successful manager "


The results


Result: less than 7 points
Answer: you should improve your cultural awareness.

Result: 7-10 points
Answer: quite average

Result: 11-19 points
Answer: Well done - further training could reach your potential.



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